Saturday, April 29, 2006

Pitt Meadows Quilt Show - Part IV - Humor and Interest

I wanted to show you the following quilt because it can't help but bring a smile to your face. It had many of the quilters talking. The quilt was called, Menopause and the story from the quilter that went with the quilt went like this. "For those who have been there and for those who are there now, this quilt is my tribute to this time in life. The flames for hot flashes, the snarly look for mood and body changes; no matter how many jewels, we just don't feel ourselves".

The most interesting "piece" wasn't a quilt, but drew a lot of attention none the less. The entire piece was fabric - watering can and flowers. The water streaming from the watering can was made from beads.


  1. certainly enjoyed all the quilt show photos....thanks!

  2. I bet a lot of us can identify with the fire breathing dragon, LOL. Thanks for sharing the pictures from the quilt show.

    I sent the link for how to quilt those braids to my little quilt group as we were just having that discussion when we pinned one the other day. I made mine point up and down every other braid so we will have to see if this quilting design will work on the one I have half finished. THX for the hint!