Monday, April 24, 2006

I've Been Tagged - All That History

I see that I have been tagged by Mary.

Mary mentioned that she wasn't very good at these things - I am not so sure I am very good at this either. I have picked dates that are significant to me and have not necessarily stuck to the 20-15-10-5 "rule". Here goes............

All That History

25 years ago (1981) - I married the love of my life. We celebrate 25 years of marriage this May.

20 years ago (1986) - My son was born. Matt is the computer "techie" of the family and the one who repairs his Mother's computer when it collides with a nasty virus in cyber space.

18 years ago (1988) - My daughter was born. Dana graduates from High School this year. There is a lot of excitement in the house these days as we get closer to that event.

17 years ago (1989) - I started working on my professional accounting designation.

9 years ago (1997) - I started quilting. I needed something to balance my life. All that studying and learning about accounting and finance was suppressing my creative spirit. Let's face it - the world is not too tolerant of a "creative" accountant.

7 years ago (1999) - I graduated from the Certified General Accountants Association. What a long haul - 10 years of study, work experience while simultaneously raising a family. It was worth it though. I had a friend many years ago who was pregnant with her first child when her partner died suddenly. He had not divorced his wife and so the wife received the benefits of the estate and my friend and her new baby were left with nothing. She ended up moving back with her parents and taking a job washing dishes in a restaurant. She had never worked and had no education past Grade 12. What an eye opener! I vowed that I would never allow myself to end up in such a state. That year I set about getting an education and a career. I am now in a profession that is in great demand.

6 years ago (2000) - I started working for the Federal Government. I work in a correctional facility as the Chief of Finance.

1 year ago (2005) - I moved to the next "level" of quilting with the purchase of my long arm quilting machine.

Yesterday - It was a beautiful spring day here and I was able to devote the entire day to quilting as the sun streamed in the window of my studio. It doesn't get much better than that.

Today - After work today, my daughter and I went for a walk with the dog to my parents' house and back. The total walking time was just under an hour. This is the start of our commitment to regular exercise and a healthier lifestyle--for my daughter, myself, and the dog.

Tagging: I am tagging Hanne. I am of Norwegian descent and would love to hear about Hanne's life in Norway.


  1. I consider myself tagged Norma :-) Thanks for sharing your life. It is always nice to get to know people a little closer.

  2. I too am a Fed - but for a different country.... :o) So which career is in demand - creative accounting or long arming?

  3. Good idea to change the dates to hit the highlights in your life.

    Good luck with the walking - I also made a committment this year to take better care of myself and walking is a big part of that for me. It's nice that you are sharing it with your daughter - my husband joins me on my hikes on the weekends and for some walks in the evening.

  4. Loved getting to know you better. Good for you making the decision to walk more. I need to do the same thing!

  5. What an interesting life you have led, Norma! Good for you making good on your resolve to have a career no matter how long it took to get there and the walking time you have committed to do as well.