Saturday, April 8, 2006

Stained Glass Quilt Class - Part II

Today's class was a lot of fun! There were 20 of us and by the end of the day, 4 people had managed to finish their butterflies.

This is a picture of me working on copying out the pattern onto freezer paper.

This is what the leading looks like when it is completely cut out and before the fabrics are added.

Here are the 4 butterflies finished in class today. Everyone's butterfly is a different colour, but they are all beautiful!

I didn't manage to get my top finished in class. However, after getting home, I set up shop on the dining room table and managed to finish my butterfly by 8:30 tonight.

Here is my butterfly:

At this point the top is fused and there has been no sewing. I will be adding a three inch border to my butterfly before sandwiching with batting and backing before quilting. This is one of those projects where the stitching doubles as the quilting. Once the stitching is done to hold the leading in place, the project is complete.

By the way, I did substitute that dark purple for a different purple - not quite as dark. The substitute allowed for more contrast against the black leading.


  1. Absolutely beautiful it looks like real stained glass! Awesome job :) xoxo melzie

  2. Wow, these are all really lovely! Are they going to be a bed quilt or a wallhanging?