Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bring on the heat--We are cool inside!

Bring on the heat, bring on the sun! We bought a central air conditioning unit over a year ago but never had it installed at that time. All last summer, on the hottest days, I would drive into the garage and look at that air conditioner, sitting all cozy inside its cardboard box. We would be melting in the house while that air conditioner was safe and secure in the garage. Not this year. My husband arranged to have the unit installed today. Bring on summer! We are ready!

The only downside to this installation is that everything in my studio had to be moved to the centre of the room in order to give the workmen access to the electrical box and ceiling to install the unit. Of course, there is now dust, sawdust, etc. that has to be cleaned up before I can go back to quilting.

Once I have cleaned up and put everything back in its place, I will be quilting in comfort!


  1. Norma - I'm sure it'll all be worth it in the end when you need to put on your thermal underwear to quilt in the middle of summer (TIC) - no seriously you'll wonder how you ever managed without it :o)

  2. congratulations!!!!

    when i'm melting in the heat, i walk outside and look at my (30+ years old and won't even consider working) central air conditioning unit. it makes me feel oh so much cooler.


  3. cool as a cucumber then, Norma. It is worth the labors in the studio when it gets hot, really hot.

    We have central air but my husband drives me bats with how he runs it but I am thankful for the hours it does run.

    Like your new picture, BTW

  4. Yay, AC is a good thing! Good for you on all of those winnings! I can't wait to see the paint chip thing... Nice quilting room - where is your stash... I have a pile here, pile there method of storing mine...

  5. Ahhhhhhh comfort - it sure has been hot here recently. I think we are supposed to be up to 85 down here today so you are probably close behind us - if not catching up. I found out today that our daughter has a brand new window unit sitting in her garage and they can't fit it in their windows - so guess where that is coming tonight???? On with quilting in comfort!!!!