Friday, June 30, 2006

Technology Woes!

I have been disconnected from the world for the last few days as I waited for my sick computer to be discharged from the "computer hospital" I now have a new motherboard and more RAM. You would think I would be ready to go, wouldn't you?

Yesterday, I went to take pictures to add to a post and my camera was dead. I had a "Lens Error" message which means that the camera needs to be sent in for repair.

There could not be a worse time for a camera to fail. My daughter's Grad ceremony, dinner, and dance are tonight! Lucky for us that we decided to give her a digital camera for a grad present so we will be able to capture the event on "film" tonight. I also have my old 35mm, my old APS, and my video cameras for backup. You will be able to pick me out tonight because I will be the mother with several cameras hanging off her arms--just to make sure I don't miss a capturing a thing. We sent my digital camera off to the "camera hospital" and it will not be discharged for 3 to 6 weeks. : (

So this morning I am ready to load pictures thanks to my daughter's new digital camera and wouldn't you know, Blogger has now failed me! This is what I see when I try to look at my blog:

Where did my blog go? Interesting that I can log into Blogger and create a new post and my daughter can see my blog on her computer! I give up--this technology is going to get the best of me yet!


  1. some days the gremlins in the machine are just ornery...

  2. wow....I can so relate to this!
    as further reading proved, you took great photos and your daughter was lovely for her graduation time....sounds like she really had too much fun at the party as well- hurray for no more public school!