Sunday, June 25, 2006

Patient Quilt Holders and Taking Quilt Photos

I have been quilting - just not for myself. I finished the quilting on this customer quilt last night. I really enjoyed working on this one because it is made with blocks from my quilt guild's BOM last year. The blocks were all variations of baskets. The sunflower in the center is from a demonstration we had one night at guild on the Dresden Plate. I thought the quilter was very clever in putting the sunflower into the same quilt as the baskets.
This is the back of the same quilt. Very creative piecing for a quilt back, isn't it?

I didn't crop the picture so you can see the top of my husband's head and his hands. He reluctantly agreed to hold this quilt for a photo. (He was standing on a stool. He isn't really that tall.) The picture was taken before 7:00 this morning. I have found that the best pictures of quilts - to show off the quilting - need to be taken outside, either early in the morning or in the evening. Of course when I asked him to hold the quilt, I mentioned that if I could do it myself--hold the quilt and operate the camera at the same time--I wouldn't bother him to help. He quickly replied, "You have a timer on that camera don't you?" I bet you can visualize the look I gave him at that point--no words were spoken. A reluctant helper is better than no helper at all!

Usually my son helps me by holding my quilts for pictures - he is tall - 6'7" so he rarely needs to stand on anything. His arm span fits a quilt better than his dad too! However, if I want to wait for him, I will wait a few more hours until he gets out of bed, and then the lighting won't be as friendly to the quilts.

I guess if I made this a paid position I might get more willing "helpers"!


  1. Haha -- smiling about your quilt holders! Mine just roll their eyes every time they see me coming.
    Jeanne :)

  2. are you sure the look from your quilt holder was the fact he was asked to help -- I'd likely give you a look too at 7 am! :-) It is a beautiful assortment of baskets...

  3. You do lovely quilting Norma :-) I prefer to do scrap quilts myself. They are more interesting to work with. In fact my fabric collection are mostly small pieces these days - many small pieces. I love your tidy studio !

  4. Oh, Norma! I would have to say the same thing about my Quilt Holder. They act so put out about it sometimes and it is such a small thing. Frequent maybe but small. If I thought he could operate the camera, I would hold it but I barely know how to use it myself since I've only had it about 6 wks.