Friday, June 30, 2006

Quilt Guild Paint Chip Summer Challenge - Fabric

There has been so much interest in my challenge project that I am going to post the steps as I go along.

I now have all the fabrics selected for my challenge. The rules around choosing fabrics were pretty liberal. You can use as many fabrics as you like as long as the colour(s) of the paint chip are the main focus of the quilt. You can see in the picture that two of my fabrics showcase two of the paint chips on the strip. I will use the three fabrics on the right in my blocks and the house fabric on the left in my border.

The next step is to draft out my blocks / quilt.


  1. Norma, thanks for keeping us updated on this project. I am most interested in how it turns out. Your fabric choices are great, just right for the paint chip.

  2. Love your fabric choices - the colors and that house fabric. Yummy.

  3. Lovely fabrics. I am looking forward to see the blocks you will be making.

  4. The paint chip challenge would be a real challenge to me... not my usual set of colours, but you've picked beautifully, and the border print couldn't be better! Way to go

  5. I LOVE that house fabric - gorgeous lovely mix of colours

  6. Sorry about those computer woes and now the camera acts up at the worst possible time!

    Congratulations to the graduate--pretty girl!

    I'll stay tuned to see what you have planned to go with that lovely fabric---no red??