Sunday, June 11, 2006

Graduation Celebrations!

This month, our daughter graduates from High School. Because we had some family members in town to celebrate our anniversary this weekend, we decided to extend the celebration to the next day and host a celebration barbecue in our daughter's honor. In all, we had 14 people over.
Every great celebration starts with food!

Dana and her Dad were in charge of the cooking.

The weather was great! We timed the eating perfectly. Mid afternoon after we were through eating, a big storm blew in with wind and rain and chased us inside. We had already eaten and opened gifts so it was ok. It made it challenging for family pictures though as we squeezed into the living room to take the pictures.

This is Dana and her very proud grandparents.

This is Dana and my brother's family.

This is a picture of our son, Matthew, Dana's boyfriend, Matthew's girlfriend, and Dana.

This is Dana and her godmother - my aunt, her great aunt. What a treat to have here here for a visit.

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  1. Looks like a fun family celebration and some good food. We did a family party when I graduated too and I really loved it!