Saturday, July 1, 2006

Grad - Part II - Ceremony and After Grad

Our youngest has now graduated from high school. I can't believe this is the end of public school for this family!

Yesterday was a fabulous day for such a momentous occasion. The weather was sunny and warm, not a cloud in the sky. We took several pictures at home before the ceremony. The picture above is Dana in the front yard.

This picture was taken after the ceremony. All the grads (57 in all) formed a receiving line in the hall just outside the school gym. You can see how happy Dana is in this picture. She did well, receiving the Jack Lapeyre Memorial Bursary in the amount of $500 from the British Columbia Old Age Pensioners' Organization.

This grad class was described as "eclectic" by one of the teachers. This was evident in the different modes of transportation used to get to the ceremony. One grad and his date arrived in his father's silage truck (see above).

But the award for the most unusual mode of transportation to the ceremony goes to this couple who arrived in a bicycle / carrier combination. Good thing the weather cooperated.

The banquet and dance after the ceremony were great. The theme was "Mardi Gras" and the decorations were top notch. I couldn't resist taking a picture of this carved melon tray--a true work of art!

This was a dry grad event and there had been a year's worth of fund raising efforts that had gone into providing entertainment for the entire evening in order to keep the grads occupied and safe. At midnight, the grads boarded a bus and were transported to a hall in a secret location for the rest of the evening. The theme at this event was a casino and all grads were given play money to gamble with. In the morning, the grads were transported back to town by bus to a local hotel for a buffet breakfast and then they were returned to where they had started at midnight the evening before.

I have just gotten back from picking up Dana with all her loot--she is apparently a great gambler! She had a colour TV, queen size bed spread, suitcase, and movie card with her. She says she even gave some of her money to a friend so she could "buy" something as well. She is exhausted, but it appears it was a great day! I expect her to crash for a few hours. I don't know how she has any steam left!


  1. Congratulations on the graduation. Getting kids through high school is a great accomplishment. The only thing that felt better to me was getting them both through college! Adam's graduation from his 2 year Culinary program in June was a high point for me!

  2. She looks absolutely gorgeous!! Such a beautiful young lady.
    And what a neat idea to have them wear formal dresses....very celebration like...*VBS*
    All around good ideas in your country, especially keeping them off the streets and highways after graduation. Wow..a new era for you now begins. I found myself very nostalgic in Sept. when the school bells rang, and I had no one to send..*S* Hugs for a job well done, Finn