Sunday, July 30, 2006


In a post back in March, I talked about the making of my first quilt - a crazy quilt that I called, Crazy About Chickens. I talked about making this quilt on my Grandmother's treadle sewing machine. This is a picture of that machine.

While my Grandmother was still alive, she gave me her Singer sewing machine. She owned newer, more sophisticated sewing machines since the Singer, but this was my favorite. This machine has character and personality. This machine is the one that I remember fondly while growing up. I was allowed to sew at this machine when I visited with my grandparents. As I look back on it now, I guess I was helping my grandmother "stash bust"! I will never part with this machine, even though, like my grandmother, I have own more modern sewing machines. There is no machine that can sew a more perfect straight stitch than this machine!

My grandfather sold sewing machines for Singer at one time and it was while he was selling for Singer that he bought this machine for my grandmother. Sometime after purchasing this treadle machine, my grandfather converted it to electrical power. It now has a light and foot peddle. A very modern addition to a very traditional machine.

Thanks to the Singer website, you can now look up the year and location your machine was manufactured, just by cross referencing the serial number on the front of the machine.

My machine has the serial number JB134596. According to Singer, she is a French Canadian--manufactured in 1936 at Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada!


  1. What a treasure, Norma and wonderful memories of working with your grandmother learning to sew.

    My mom has a treadle but I am not certain on the model or anything. They had one at the church my dad pastored for many years and used it to sew for the children in the hospital. I guess when it was time to get rid of it, she asked for it---better get my story straight when I talk to her next time. No matter, it has lived at her house for some time.

  2. Indeed, you have a treasure. I have a Singer treadle, but purchased from a junk store in NC back in the early 80's. I looked and it was on the site. What fun. Thanks for sharing your machine and the link.

  3. did you know that I lived in St-Jean for the years before I came to B.C. ? Will have to ask mom and dad if they remember a Singer manufacture- maybe it had already left by then though.

  4. Catching up here Norma - Lovely Singer machine. My first machine was a hand crank from April 7. 1939, manufactured in Scotland. It can still sew beautifully, and I will never part with her either :-)