Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Where Are You in the World?

I have added a world map to the left hand side of my blog. This map tracks the location of visitors to my blog and plots those locations on a world map. I can not see details of who you are or what your city is; I can just see the map with the pin points representing the home of each of the visitors to this site.

It appears that there are visitors from Australia, South Africa, Norway, Ireland, France, the United States, and Canada.

It struck me today while I was checking the map, just how small this world is. The World Wide Web or WWW has shrunk this great big planet. We can now communicate and exchange information with people anywhere in the world in seconds. Blogging has become a fabulous method of "getting the message out."

I know that the visitors here include relatives who check in periodically to see what the "latest catch is", family members who suffer from insomnia and use their inability to get a good nights sleep to check this blog in the middle of the night, members of my own quilt guild who don't leave comments on the blog but when I see them at guild meetings remind me that I have not posted recently, friends that I used to see on a daily basis who have moved to other parts of the world, including Arizona, Ontario, and Italy, and there are my new friends--the Stash Quilters who track the feeds from my blog using Bloglines so they can read the "latest"as soon as it is posted. To all of you, I say, "Welcome to my small spot on this planet. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you continue to visit."


  1. Dot is in the wrong spot for Alabama! Pretty cool though--can anyone get one?

  2. Hi Norma, I'm a dot on your map..*VBS* I'm in WI, and it should comeup as Spring Valley. I know how close together those dots are, hard to tell sometimes..*VBS*
    Personally I'm thrilled with the connections the www gives me to gals in Australia and Egypt, and Ireland and Canade..Even South America.
    And through blogging we get to know about peoples lives in "real time" without waiting for the movie or book...*VBS*

  3. I too have found the internet great... I can "fit" friends into my day at my convenience instead of having to miss out -- I find it wonderful when I'm feeling less well, busy at work or whatever, as I cna catch up on my own timeline...

    I'm the little dot in Winnipeg Mb. Canada

  4. Not that I understand how your map works, but Oslo, Norway is dotted by the looks of it. I am 6 hours before New York time, for your information :-)

  5. I'n not sure how the program knows where to put a dot. Did it generate one from Georgia because that's where my email account is registered or did it generate one for Virginia because that's where I am now? Anyway, it's very neat and I stole the idea and added a map to the bottom of my site. Thanks!

  6. The Great Lakes right right around lake superior is my dot.
    It really makes the world smaller.