Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Night Flight

I have a quilt hanger in the entrance to my house. I like to change the quilt that hangs there on a regular basis. Right now this is the quilt that hangs in that location.

This quilt is Night Flight. My friend Colette and I renamed this quilt, Nightmare. This quilt was made in 1998 when I had only been quilting one year. All the flying geese and triangles presented many challenges for a beginner quilter - hence the name, Nightmare!

This quilt was the second project that I participated in during the "Annual Pre-Christmas Quilt Weekend" on December 6, 1998.

The pictures below were taken that weekend and show Cyndi, Veryan, Colette, Teresa and myself with our projects. Veryan made her blocks into a table runner and had most of the quilting completed by the time the weekend was over. As you can see, Colette's piece was still at the block stage and she couldn't hold it up for the picture. I had some of my blocks together but the border was not yet together.

The top may have been finished in 1998, but it too k until 2002 to get it quilted.


  1. Nightmare, you said? What a pretty quilt to see when you come in the house or do tend to use the back door more than the front?

    My husband is closer to the back door on the car port and almost always uses that door but I use the front if I have a lot of things to haul in and out--less turns, LOL with your arms full.

  2. wish my early quilts had turned out as beautiful as yours...

  3. That is a beautiful quilt. Doesn't look like a beginner made it. Your points look sharp to me. I think when you start with harder quilts to start off with, and can actually finish it, you have more self-confidence to keep quilting stuff. You are higher up on the learning curve.

  4. Thanks so much for posting a fat picture of me!! I completed the quilt the december we lost our jobs. It went to my sister in law for christmas- altough it was quite the challenge, I love the colors I used. Your quilt looks very good and is a fine representation of your "Pink and Blue" phase!!

  5. fun to see early projects finished and friends that shared the joy of quilting with you.

  6. Norma...isn't it fun to re-name quilts to reflect what you think of it or to remind you of an event surrounding it. It doesn't look like a nightmare, but I can imagine you and your pal laughing as you re-named it...just added to the character of your quilt and your friendship.