Saturday, July 1, 2006

Happy Canada Day!

I made this miniature quilt in 2003 so that I would have something patriotic in the house for July 1st. It measures a mere 14" x 19".

This is the backing - Canada flags.

I picked up some fabric this week on sale at 50% off. It is a floral fabric with Canada flags. I hope to finish the customer quilt I have on the long arm today so that I can cut into this new fabric. I know, I shouldn't be starting something new without finishing more UFOs, but the fabric was so tempting....and this is a long weekend.


  1. Happy Canada Day to you! I have some patriotic fabrics and pattern set aside, but have not gotten around to making the quilt yet. I'm glad you have one ready to use today. I agree, I like to have something patriotic in the house on those holidays too.

  2. Happy Canada Day! Neat quilt--my, oh my how big are the 9 patch components if the quilt is that small? You could almost hang it on either side.

    Congratulations to Miss Dana--sounds like quite the evening to remember. Will she be going to university come fall?

  3. happy Canada Day a day late...glad to hear you are having some time off and new fabric to cut into!

  4. Hi Norma,I keep finding you and then losing you again...LOL. I could have sworn I bookmarked your blog, but I search and search for it yesterday. Couldn't remember if you were in the Maverick ring or the Stash ring...LOL. Finally I found you...*VBS* I enjoying reading your The Making of a Scrap Quilt so much the other evening..just had to find you again..*S*
    I like your Canada Day quilt. But then 9 patches are among my favorite ! And what neat fabric for the backing. I do think you have a really pretty national flag..*VBS* Will be fun to see what you do with the new Canadian fabric you bought.

  5. Lovely pink dress just below this post... lol. Did you make the dress too?

  6. Happy Belated Canada Day! Love the quilt, simple & effective. That backing fabric is great. I can't wait to see what you do with the new Canada fabric!