Saturday, May 12, 2007

Applique Quilt Show - Quilts by Marigold Appliquers

The Marigold Appliquers is the Kamloops Chapter of the Applique Society. The Applique Quilt Show was another of the small quilts shows held in Kamloops last weekend during Quilt BC. The Applique Quilt Show was held in this beautiful historic building: St. Andrew's on the Square.

This collection of fabric postcards was fabulous.

This is a close up of my favorite postcard. It would seem that the female fisherman has caught the "big one" in this case!

The quilting on this quilt was fabulous!

This quilt had many mini quilts on its border. Each one was a miniature piece of art in its own right.

I loved this classic blue and yellow tulip quilt.

My favorite quilt was this teddy bear quilt.

This quilt was an original design.

Being from the Prairies, I can appreciate this landscape quilt.

There are never too many chicken quilts!

I loved the background behind this sunflower.


  1. Wow, what a great collection of quilts. By far I love the one with the mini quilts in the border, what a novel idea! It's unique and fun. But all of them are beautiful!

  2. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing Can I tell you I am jealous you got to go to Kamloops :)) I bet it was fabulous. I still remember the CQA show that was out at UBC.

  3. gorgeous quilts! thanx for sharing them

  4. What wonderful quilts! Thanks so much for sharing. This looks like it was a great show to attend. I, too, love the teddy bears! And it looks like I'm not the only person who loved that blue and yellow tulip quilt so much that she did it by needleturn instead of fusible. Some day I'll actually get mine quilted.

  5. I've been hearing all kinds of good things about CQA. Thanks for the mini quilt show. I love the tulips, nicely done.

  6. Oh they are all wonderful, but I love those mini quilts in the border of the big quilt. What a wonderful feeling that quilt gives!

  7. I am with Dawn--the quilt with the mini quilts scattered on the outside is my favorite. The teddies are a close second.

    Happy Mother's Day to you and your mom, Norma. I know you are no doubt spending time with your family today gathered around the table--that is just as it should be.

  8. Thanks for the quilt show! I love the teddy bears, the roosters and the sunflowers!

  9. A gorgeous selection of quilts - thank you so much for sharing - it's hard to pick a favourite but I think it has to be the yellow tulip one for me - there's just something about that suggestion of broderie-anglaise in the border that really caught my imagination

  10. Thanks for sharing the pictures! I love seeing quilts from different shows.

  11. Another delicious quilt show - thanks for sharing.