Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy Birthday!

This week is birthday week in our house.

On Monday, April 30, our daughter, Dana turned 19.

On Thursday, May 3, our son, Matthew turns 21.

We celebrated these milestone birthdays with a family dinner last Sunday.

When I took a look back at some old pictures tonight, I came across another special birthday celebration that was also well attended by family. This is a picture of Dana's first birthday and Matthew's third birthday.

Here they are today--19 and 21!

Happy Birthday Matthew and Dana!


  1. My baby brother and I have only a few days between our birthdays - mine on April 27 and his today May 2 but as there's 9 years between us we never really celebrated together. Oddly enough his wife's is now April 22 and my sister's partner is the same as mine - odd how things crowd together in families - my father and my nephew are 2 days apart in June

  2. Happy Birthday Dana and Matthew!

  3. Happy Birthday! I like your shirt Matthew. I think it says "a great effort"

  4. And they look so happy that you are taking their picture! I always celebrated my birthday with 2 of my brothers - we are born 1 and 8 years apart but 3 days in a row! Mom always made 3 cakes too.

  5. WONDERFUL kids !

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to them !
    Congratulations !

    Hugs & smiles,

  6. Happy Birthday to those two good lookin' kids of yours! Did they know you were putting up the "little one" pics? Plenty of "aw, MOM!!"

  7. Cute pics. Happy birthday you two! :)

  8. Separate cakes when they are toddlers and one cake in today's picture. Do they share a cake now? Thanks for the cute pictures.