Friday, May 4, 2007

An Artist In Our Midst

This is my MIL. You met her in my previous post. She celebrated her 78th birthday today, May 4, 2007. She is the featured artist at our annual local art show tomorrow.

This is the article that appeared in our local newspaper a couple of weeks ago:

Even though she had been selected to be the featured artist for the Monday Painters group’s May art show, Frieda had not expected it.

“I was very surprised when told that I had been chosen to be the featured artist for our May art show,” she says. The honour comes, she says, from being chosen from among “so many great Monday painters.”

Frieda’s painting subjects are usually flowers and landscapes and the occasional still life. She has been painting with the group for 25 years. She traces her start with the Monday Painters back to a visit with artist Agnes Key. Key helped her decide which types of paints and brushes to buy and encouraged her to start with the group.

After her initial start in oils, Frieda tried her hand at the more easily set-up watercolors in the few years she wasn’t able to spend a lot of time painting. She chose to be educated in the medium, signed up for a course and enjoyed it. But the versatility of this artist doesn’t stop there. Frieda has also made both pencil and ink sketchings.

Currently she does most of her painting at Monday Painters, but in the past she has set aside a few hours in the morning for painting as well. She describes a three-step painting process: conceptualizing, sketching, and painting. Her paintings are usually completed in several sessions, Frieda says.

Frieda has completed and framed about 30 paintings, though she has even more just waiting for final improvements and completion. She stayed on with her art even when life got in the way. Though “family responsibilities kept [her] from painting -- time-wise and emotionally” she still had “fun doing greeting cards” in those times.

Prior to joining the weekly art group, Frieda had not painted but she had a history with drawing.
“Joining Monday Painters was a great way to a bigger commitment for my art. Much as I was apprehensive, the painters were most encouraging and I received many great pointers and helpful hints,” she says.

The Monday Painters show featuring Frieda will be held May 5 at the United Church. Pieces at the show are priced individually, varying according to size and type of framing. Smaller investments available are the cards which Frieda predicts based on past experience will be “very popular at the show.” Both a percentage of the painting’s sales and regular donations collected at the show will be added to the group’s yearly contributions to the church “to use as they please,” says Frieda.

She has these words to encourage new artists: “starting is the hardest part” and “remember we are all beginners at one time, and are still learning.”

Frieda recommends painting regularly, citing the adage, “practice makes perfect.” In this way “our Monday Painters are most helpful,” says Frieda. Her experience with the group is the reason for her recommendation to others. “Being a Monday Painter for so many years,” she says, “The fellowship has been great. I have met so many wonderful people who love art and do such a variety of beautiful work.”

By Michelle Vandepol
The Observer
Apr 18 2007


  1. What a lovely, as well as talented lady! She is an inspiration and her words of wisdom 'remember we are all beginners at one time' are true for each and everything we learn to do!

  2. What a wonderful article about the birthday girl! I see that creativity runs in the family then.

  3. What a sweet honor for such an talented interesting artist.

  4. That is totally cool! What a special lady. :)

  5. Happy Birthday! Would love to see some of her artwork!

  6. Do you have a photo of some of her work to show us please

  7. what a special family member your mil is! love how the nine patch turned out-terrific Norma- and all those birthdays...mine was the 27th of April ...I fit right in!

  8. Good for her! :-) Nice article, and I like her comments about the fact that we
    were all beginners at one time, and we are all still learning! It sounds like she is a great lady, full of life and ready for a challenge!

  9. A very nice piece - a great birthday gift *s*

  10. Hi Norma, what a lovely post. Your mom is just beautiful. What an inspiring story. I wish her only the best.
    And I do love your 9 Patch Path, it's such a good quilt!!! Happy to hear that it stayed in the family..*VBS*
    Many happy returns to all those with birthdays...great looking kids!! Hugs, Finn

  11. What a lovely article, she must be tickled. Would love to see some of her work.

  12. Oh congrats to you mil! How wonderful! I loved the article! Thank you for sharing!