Saturday, May 19, 2007

Blogging Presentation Made to Quilt Guild - Part II

The following is a continuation of my previous post. This is the second half of my presentation to my quilt guild on the subject of Blogs and Blogging.


Quilting has a very social component to it. Quilting is about expressing creativity but it is also something that brings people together. We have quilt guilds where we meet together in person like we are doing here tonight. There have been virtual quilt guilds on the Internet for years. My blog ring is like a virtual quilt guild.

I have a group of friends who share my interest in quilting that I can use as a resource at any time of the day or night. We share ideas, opinions, patters, etc. through our blogs, messages, and e-mails.

The blog ring that I belong to is called, Stash Quilts, and currently has 41 members from all parts of the world.

The following projects are just some of the things that I have been working on where inspiration came from my fellow bloggers.

My Halloween table topper was inspired by Doodlebug Gail of Quite Quilted.

My Gratitude Quilt was inspired by Jeanne of Spiral and the pattern was developed by and provide to us by Judy L of Sunshine Quilts as the November Hour a Day Project.

These are my string blocks pieced on used dryer sheets. I have also pieced string blocks using muslin as a foundation. Inspiration for these projects goes to many bloggers including Mary who is spearheading the HeartStrings Quilt Project/ and Patti of Quilting is my Passion.

Pam of My Creative Mind found this Building Blocks quilt pattern on Debbie Mumm's site and shared it with us.
When I went to the Lynden Fair last summer and I saw a quilt that I wanted to make, it was Kim of a Peach in Stitches assisted with information on the pattern, known as BQ.

Lucy of Quilting With the Past was responsible for me making my double four patch quilt.


The most dedicated bloggers post on a daily basis and regularly circle the "ring" to leave comments on the blogs of others. We have an understanding in our ring that we will commit to making at least one quilt-related post each month. Some bloggers work full time outside of the home like I do and do most of their posting and blog reading on the weekends.


Blogger is a free program that allows you to create and maintain a blog in three easy steps:

1. Create an account.

2. Name your blog.

3. Choose a template.

My blog was created using blogger. There are other programs out there, but this one was simple to use and serves my purpose just fine.

Although it helps if you can read or understand HTML code, it is not a requirement of having a blog. If you understand HTML it is a little easier to add things to the side bar of your blog like a Weather Pixie, a clock, etc.

Some things to keep in mind:

If you plan on keeping your blog private, you will have to provide the address of your blog to those people who you want to read your blog. Goggling or searching the Internet will not produce a link to your blog.

If you have elected to make your blog public, remember to be careful what information you post. Consider anything posted to the Internet or your blog equivalent to posting on a public bulletin board. Consider carefully if you want your first and last name out there, the name of the city you live in, etc.


My blogging experience has opened up many new friendships. There is a small group of us who have been challenged by Linda J to make a snowman redwork/bluework/greenwork BOM snowman project this year.

I have made friendships with quilters over the past year and half without meeting them in person. I live for the day that we can get the opportunity to meet in person!

I have made friendships with quilters over the past year and a half without meeting in person. However, I live for the day that we can visit in person over a real cup of coffee, not just through a keyboard and the Internet!


  1. Norma, glad your presentation went well. I started my blog and joined the Stash Quilts ring right away but I'm always surprised to find out how many people read it. This past week a couple family members told me they read it all the time and keep up with what I'm doing - of course they never leave comments!

  2. Wow Norma - what a great presentation! That would have been a treat to attend I'm sure.

  3. Thanks for sharing your presentation with us. It would be interesting to see, a year from now, how many of your guild members start up a blog.

  4. You covered the subject well Norma. ( glad I was there - well in spirit anyway )Well Done !

  5. looks like you did a great presentation Norma. thanx for sharing it with us

  6. What a marvelous presentation! I think you covered everything. I wonder how many of your audience will now be inspired to blog? I'm honored that I could provide a bit of inspiration to you and that you felt it was worthwhile enough to mention in your talk. Thank you!