Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Week for Gifts

Last week was a week for gifts.

I received these cute potholders from Phyllis as a thank you for quilting the following quilt for my quilt guild's We Care Committee. The quilt was far too large for the ladies to manage to quilt easily on their domestic machines. I told them that I wouldn't mind doing the quilting for them. I returned the quilt to Phyllis (one of the We Care Committee coordinators) on Wednesday night at our guild meting. The piecer has the quilt back to put the binding on. Once the quilt is bound and labelled it will be donated to a new hospice starting up in our community.

I love anything with snowmen on it. I collect snowmen. I love snowmen! I thought to myself, what a wonderful gift. I asked Phyllis, how she knew her gift would be so perfect and she whispered to me, "I read your blog!". What a perfect lead into my presentation on blogging that night!

This is the quilt that will be donated to our local hospice.
I also received a package in the mail from Carol of Giraffe Dreams. Thank you Carol for the wonderful fabric and lovely cards depicting scenes of your community!


  1. Oh I love the wavy lines too! That is another wonderful idea for quilting! You must use a template or ruler for that too don't you? I like this!

  2. The snowmen were a perfect choice! And to think that an off hand comment on your blog gave Phyllis the clue she needed. Perfect story for a lead in for your presentation.

    The ripple (or is it the wave?) looks terrific on the quilt since the pattern is rather random. It is going to look great on the hospice bed. Good cause for the committee this year and sure to be appreciated by the facility --make it less institutionalized appearing.

  3. Is that the Turning Twenty pattern? That turned out great. I looked at it and thought, "I have that fabric, and I have that one, and that one".. great minds think alike. :)

  4. I love this quilt! I can surely make something like that, right?!?